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Gaelen Foley

The Jane Austen Centre Magazine

  • Regency Fashion - Clothing for men, women and children, accessories and furniture.
  • Regency Recipes - Recipes, health, cosmetics, dining and table manners.
  • Regency History - Military, arts, entertainment, places, home life, jobs and manners.
  • Jane Austen’s Work - Jane Austen, her books and characters.
  • Media Reviews - Reviews of movies and books set in the Regency era as well as websites.
  • Biographies - Key figures of the Regency era.
  • Hands On Regency - Online and contemporary games, and instructions for crafts and accessories.

Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion

  • Costume Tips - Tutorials for hair, makeup, costuming and accommodating for disabilities.  Includes where to find accessories and fabrics.
  • Regency Wedding - Regency weddings and how to plan your own.
  • Pattern Reviews - Reviews for commercial patterns.
  • Where To Wear - Places in the US, Canada, UK and Australia to wear your Regency costumes.

Nancy Mayer: Regency Researcher - Tons of articles related to life in Regency England such as education, food, law, marriage, medicine, science, theatre, art, dance and music.

The Regency Collection

  • Articles - Tons of information about coaches, famous people, the military, mail, culture, industry, food and more.
  • The Regency Neckcloth - The history and the neckcloth and different ways to tie them.

Regency England - Articles about weddings, fashion, skin care, makeup, fabric and shopping.

The Regency Page

Regency Reproductions

  • History - Information about types of clothing for men and women as well as materials and how to make a cravat.

Romance Reads of the Regency Era - Fashion by year and an encyclopedia of fabric types and old names for colors.


  • Regency Era - All kinds of articles about fashion for men and women, decor, carriages, homes, gardens and more.

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