There were special riding corsets. They were shorter than most corsets, with minimal hip coverage so that the lady could move more easily. Corsets then were like bras are us today. Women did not even think of going out without one. Check out Catherine Walters-she must have had a 16" waist, and there are pictures of her in her riding habit. Most women did not tightlace, though. greypoppies
Wedding dress and veil, 1830-33 US, LACMA
Boudoir slippers, 1849 US, LACMA
These were worn in the days after the owner was married.

Boudoir slippers, 1849 US, LACMA

These were worn in the days after the owner was married.

Wedding dress, 1841-43 US, LACMA
Wedding boots, ca 1860 US, LACMA
Wedding bonnet, 1830’s US, LACMA
Hello ! I love your blog it's beautiful. I was wondering if you'd be interested in private pictures of antique clothes - I have a few pieces (19-something traditional berner corset, and 1950ish feather toque) that I would gladly take pictures of should you be interested ? etalice

Of course!  I’ve posted things from private collections before.

How did you get this idea Anonymous

I wanted an outlet for all the time I spent exploring fashion history resources.  Before, I would show a friend a nice dress I found and go on and on about how great it was and they’d just smile and nod.  They’re probably relieved that I’m not pushing dresses in their face anymore. lol

Hey I absolutly love your blog, It´s my new favorite. But I was wondering if you know where I can finde images of hats from 1890-1900? Anonymous

This is the only place I know of.

Okay, you just posted a riding habit. Would you think women would wear a corset under that? I'm thinking more of a ribbon corset, rather than a full one? foxes-fawns

Stays were worn while riding, but they had minimal boning to allow for movement.  Either way, I rode horses for years and can’t imagine having to wear a corset while the horse is doing anything other than walking!

I'm trying to find this dress in Tumblr but I can't remember the entry,It's cream in colour 19th century(I think),It have flowers on the bodice antiquelaceartist

You’ll have to be a little more specific because there are a lot like that.  Do you remember the shape?

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