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Some vintage-style shopping!  Use this dress size converter or this shoe size converter if you need them.

1. ca 1929: Beaded dress & shrug by Berkertex, £52/$80, also in dark purple and teal (both £89/$137.50)

2. 1911-14: Maxi dress by Berkertex, £75/$116

3. 1930’s: Colourblock fishtail dress by Wallis, £35 (US site, $61)

4. 1960’s: Pink bib front shift dress by Wallis, £35 (US site, $61), also in orange, £35 (US site, $61)

5. 1940’s: Red Jitterbug Jane heeled sandals, $59/£38, also in bone, black and teal

6. 1950’s: Real Neat by Bettie Page Clothing, $76/£49, inspired by this 1956 pinup piece of the same name by Gil Elvgren

7. Late Victorian to Edwardian: Whimsey by Bordello, $68/£43.99, also in purple and black.  Be warned: I have a pair of red ones and they are very wide.  I can’t wear them without inserts.

8. 1920’s: Chiffon flapper dress by ASOS SALON, $72.72/£47

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