Tips from elsewhere in the Winter 1885-86 issue of Strawbridge and Clothier’s Quarterly

Cure for Burns.—Equal parts of lime and lard, stirred together, is excellent for burns and scalds.

Cure for Ringworms.—Gunpowder, wet with apple vinegar and applied to ringworms, is a sure cure.

Bangs are entirely out of fashion.  So is the Grecian knot.

Care of the Hair.—The best specialists on treatment of the hair say, that the hair should be washed once in six weeks and not oftener, and that castile soap and not borax, soda, or any other drying material, should be used. 

Short and long waists are equally fashionable.

Sashes and sash effects are so fashionable that this might be called an epoch of sashes, and no one is considered either too young or too old to to wear a sash of some description.

Real India shawls, not made up into mantles but worn over the shoulders, just as grand-mama used to wear hers, are again in fashion and will be worn this season by the most elegant women in society.

Lace pins of guitars, violins, banjos, and other musical instruments are unique and fashionable.  They are perfect copies of the instruments, having strings and keys.

Clean hen-houses and runs will bring in a good share of clean profits.

(From an ad) Prevent Pneumonia - By wearing SMITH’S PATENT PERFORATED BUCK-SKIN UNDERGARMENTS.  They afford, to persons susceptible to cold, the best protection against Pneumonia, Rheumatism and all Lung Diseases.  Recommended to Ladies and Gentlemen by all physicians.  Send for circular.  D.C. HALL & CO., SOLE MANUFACTURERS, 86 LEONARD STREET, NEW YORK.

The wing of turkeys, geese and chickens are good to wash and clean windows, as they leave no dust nor lint as cloth.

When going from a warm room out into the cold air close your mouth and breathe through your nose to prevent taking cold.

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